Latest sarees design

Latest sarees design

Latest sarees design

Sarees comprise a fashion of choice about Indian women. The true beauty of women in sarees can be recognised. Keeping in mind the new generation, there are some discussions about the saree that were designed in 2020.

Mercerised Cotton Sarees

The mercerised process is a textile finishing method, Thus develops colour uptake and rip. For instance, decreases fabric depreciation and gives a silk-like glow. Not only mercerization is one of the most powerful finishing methods but also develop yarn. It implies gloss to the fibre, progresses its hygroscopicity, depth and changes its dye instability. Below are some photos of

Tangail Jamdani sarees

Jamdani is a very familiar word in the Persian language. Here have two sequences of the words “Jama” and “Dana”, It’s meaning “cloth” and “Buti or Diapering”. Formerly its called that “Buti Cloth”. Specifically, this is a saree weaving procedure. Mughal emperor first introduces jamdani saree in all over India. Although Dhakai Jamdani is most popular, Similarly, Tangail jamdani is also familiar. That is very different and characteristic saree. Below are some photos of new Tangail Jamdani sarees.

Muslin Saree

Muslin saree is a silk fabric of plain weave. In particular, Muslin saree is a pretty weightless saree. Once upon a time when sarees could be inserted in the small of a safety match. Although, now it is not made so much weightless saree. Nevertheless, Muslin sarees importance still the same as before. Dhakai jamdani muslin, with its unique designs woven in the layer by layer, was one of the Mughal Empire’s most prestigious and lucrative exports. Below are some photos of new muslin saree.

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